Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with clients to achieve their business potential by assisting in managing their risk and exposure, while simultaneously offering consistent dedication, expertise, and innovate solutions to safeguard the future of our clients by providing comprehensive risk management and insurance consulting services. Through this collaboration, we empower our clients to confidently navigate uncertainties, ensuring their ability to adapt and thrive, thus fostering sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve unparalleled excellence in risk management and insurance consulting, empowering our clients with innovative solutions that safeguard their future, strengthen resilience, and drive sustainable success. Through strategic alliances and revolutionary expertise, we strive to redefine industry benchmarks, ensuring our clients flourish in an ever-changing risk environment.

About Us

AMS Risk Management & Consulting, Inc. has been providing risk management and insurance consulting services for 30+ years for a wide variety of clients in the Real Estate, Retail, Construction/Development, Non-Profit Organizations, Financial, Manufacturing, Hotel/ Casino and Municipalities Industries.

Various Sectors We Work With

Some of our client's industries include, but are not limited to: